未来博士3分間コンペティション2022 プレゼンテーション審査員会
HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2022 – Respective Judging Panels

 As of September 2, 2022


原山 優子 特定非営利活動法人(NPO法人)日本科学振興協会 代表理事
東北大学 名誉教授
浦上 裕光 シュプリンガー・ネイチャー
剱持 由起夫 国立研究開発法人科学技術振興機構(JST)
「科学と社会」推進部 メディアグループ調査役
増井 玲子 トーストマスターズ・インターナショナル
国際スピーチコンテスト 2016年District Champion (District 76)、2021年District Champion (District 29)

English Division

HARAYAMA Yuko Co-chair of the Board of Directors, Japanese Association for the Advancement of Science
Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University
Former Executive Member, Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI), Cabinet Office, Japan
URAKAMI Hiromitsu Springer Nature
Academic Engagement Director, Academic Affairs
KENMOCHI Yukio Japan Science and Technology Agency
Manager, Media Group, Dept. for promotion of Science in Society
MASUI Reiko Toastmasters International
International Speech Contest District Champion for 2016 (District 76) and 2021 (District 29)
Call to Join the Audience – HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2022

What’s the HIRAKU 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) Competition?

 As of November 23, 2022

The HIRAKU 3MT Competition is an exciting opportunity for doctorate students to effectively explain their research within a limited time-span of three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.
The Competition aims to develop the doctorates’ presentation and research communication skills, while leading to broader society (as the audience) further enhancing their positive understanding of doctorate resources and researches.

For the first time in three years, this year’s Competition will be conducted on-site (and also be simultaneously live streamed).

Members of the audience who pre-register for the event will have the opportunity to vote and decide the recipient of the People’s Choice Award for the both of the divisions. We are looking forward to your participation.


Competition Booklet

Please check the Competition Booklet here 

Date & Time

November 23, 2022 (Wed, Japanese National Holiday) / 13:00~17:00


Hiroshima University Satake Memorial Hall (Higashi-Hiroshima campus )
1-2-2 Kagamiyama Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima 739-0046


Open to the public. All are welcome!


12:15 Opening
13:00 Opening Session
Opening Remarks: OCHI Mitsuo, President, Hiroshima University
Guest Speech: Alastair McEWAN, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, The University of Queensland, Australia
13:05 The Three-Minute Presentations (Japanese Division)
14:00 Panel Talk (Japanese Division)
Moderator: HONDA Takayuki, Freelance Science Communicator
14:45 Break
15:00 The Three-Minute Presentations (English Division)
15:55 Panel Talk (English Division)
Moderator: David Hajime KORNHAUSER, Director, Office of Global Communications, Kyoto University
16:40 Closing Session
Award Ceremony
Closing Remarks: MIYATANI Makoto, Executive Vice President, Hiroshima University
17:00 End
※ Details of the Program are subject to change.

Registration to Join the Audience

Please register using the form below.
Deadline: November 21, 2022 (Monday)

Audience Pre-registration Form
※ Pre-registration is required if you wish to vote
※ Pre-registration is required if you wish to watch the live stream


The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition was developed by the University of Queensland (UQ).
Nowadays, the 3MT Competition is held at over 900 universities across more than 85 countries worldwide.
To find out more about the 3MT Competition, please refer to UQ’s official website.

Three Minute Thesis Competition - University of Queensland


HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2022 Operating Office
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Host Organization

“Home for Innovative Researchers and Academic Knowledge Users (HIRAKU)”
(Lead Partner Organization: Hiroshima University)
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Co-Host Organizations

>> “Hiroshima University Graduate School Research Fellowship”
>> “Program for Developing and Supporting the Next-Generation of Innovative Researchers at Hiroshima University”
>> “Vigorous Development of the Next-Generation by Establishment of the Hiroshima University Fellowship for Female Graduate Students in Science and Technology”

Special Sponsors

 PR Video / 紹介動画
 PR Video / 紹介動画
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 PR Video / 紹介動画


>> Acaric Co., Ltd.
>> Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
>> Manac Incorporated


>> Springer Nature
>> Japan Science and Technology Agency

This Competition is held with the comprehensive support of Springer Nature and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), especially in regard to promotional activities.
This support is a result of them being in agreement with the purpose of the Competition, which is to develop the doctorates’ presentation and research communication skills, while leading to broader society (as the audience) further enhancing their understanding of doctorate resources and researches.

This Competition is held as a collaborative event with “Science Agora 2022”, which is hosted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

Science Agora Website: